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Specialist repairers for 4×4’s & other vehicles located in the Pilbara area

Is your vehicle damaged and you are having trouble getting your 4×4 or any other type of vehicle repaired in the Pilbara FAST? AUS Smash repairs in Perth can help. Yes in Perth. How does that work you ask?

We can help co-ordinate your vehicle to be transported to our state-of-the-art facility in Perth, your vehicle will then be fixed by our professional and experienced team and then sent back to you, wherever you are….and you don’t even need to leave the Pilbara! We will have it fixed and back to you, probably before its even been quoted on by other businesses.

We guarantee QUICK turnaround times and QUALITY repairs first time. We are already doing this for some of Pilbara’s biggest mining companies and can now offer this same service to YOU.

AUS Smash repairs are a Car Craft member, MTA approved and quality assured repairer and are 4WD & chassis aligning specialists. We have a massive first class facility, high roof paint booths that fit Prime Mover trucks and we can even offer free loan vehicles.* All insurance work is also approved. Get in touch with us today, to see how we can make your problem become our problem and fix it!

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