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Media Blasting

Media Blasting

Otherwise known as surface blasting or abrasive blasting, media blasting is a fast and efficient method of removing rust, paint, corrosion and surface coatings from the original, bare metal surface. The type of media used and the blasting process itself varies depending on the nature of the surface being worked on and the level of abrasion required.

Media blasting involves propelling a high-pressure stream of abrasive material against a surface for several purposes: to shape, smooth, or roughen a surface, or to remove any contaminants. The media is blasted using a pressurised fluid (usually compressed air) or a centrifugal wheel.

Sand garnet is one of the most common media used for blasting where a high level of abrasion is required. Plastic beads can be used for moderate abrasion, while soda blasting is one of the preferred techniques for milder results.

Media blasting can be used on vehicle bodies, wheels, trays, railings, bars, metal products, and virtually anything else, and is one of the most effective ways to strip a surface and prepare it for spray painting

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