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Fibreglass Repairs

Fibreglass Repairs

The team from AUS Smash Repairs can handle all forms of fibreglass repairs for light to medium-duty vehicles. We have the latest equipment and technology at our disposal, ensuring all work is completed to the highest possible standard.

Why fibreglass repair may be necessary

Although fibreglass is a great material for enhancing the performance of vehicle due to its ability to reduce wind resistance, fibreglass is a relatively flawed material that can be easy to damage. When choosing a panel beater, it is imperative to ensure that you are choosing someone who is experienced in the use of repairing fibreglass panels, otherwise they may not understand the lightweight vulnerability of the material and could potentially damage it.

The team of panel beaters are highly-experienced in providing professional fibreglass repair on performance vehicles and will never leave the finish looking subpar or inferior. We guarantee that if you choose AUS Smash Repairs to repair your fibreglass panels on your vehicle, then you are putting your trust in reliable hands.

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