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Vehicle Respray / Spray Painting

Vehicle Respray & Spray Painting

At AUS Smash Repairs, all of our car spray painting and respray services are carried out with our cutting-edge Verta spray booth and oven combination. Our car spray painters in Perth use a two-pack paint system and advanced colour matching technology to produce a finish of the highest standard.

Our team of qualified car spray painters boast years of experience and extensive product knowledge when it comes to vehicle spray painting. By using our state-of-the-art baking and heating equipment to set and dry paint work, we can achieve a first-class result for your vehicle. The in-built, gas-fired heating system we utilise is 14m long, 4.5m high and can reach temperatures of up to 75 degrees Celsius.

Not many smash shops have the facilities to work on small vehicles as well as buses and trucks. AUS Smash Repairs are able to offer these facilities while also employing environmentally safe work practices by using products that are of great quality and are water based. We also place an emphasis on disposing of waste correctly as well.

If your car or vehicle needs a respray, our team of expert spray painters at AUS Smash Repairs in Perth can help. For a quote or to find out more, 

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