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At AUS Smash Repairs, we are the number one choice for having your vehicle’s damaged bumper looking as good as new. Damaged bumpers are a regular and unfortunate occurrence and can happen as easily as when you bump the car behind you in a parking lot. Our team at AUS Smash Repairs are able to provide bumper repair services for customers in Perth, ensuring that their bumpers keep their aesthetic appeal.

As Perth’s bumper repair specialists, our panel beaters are able to fix minor bumper problems including tears, holes, scuffs, cracks and dents. However, depending on how severe the damage is, we’ll determine which technique is used to fix the damage.

Using a variety of bumper repair techniques

Our panel beaters utilise a variety of techniques to fix damaged bumpers which includes heat reshaping or plastic welding before finishing by sanding off, colouring, priming and providing a top/clear application to the repair. These techniques are state-of-the-art and proven to provide the most reliable bumper repairs.

We may need to provide the vehicle with a replacement bumper if the bumper is severely damaged for a standard repair service. We can arrange for the parts to be brought into our Perth workshop and will let you know as soon as your vehicle is repaired.

To book your car or fleet of vehicles in for bumper repairs in Perth, contact us at AUS Smash Repairs today by calling (08) 9464 8891.

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