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Professional Hail Damage Repairs

The unfortunate reality of hail storms is that if your vehicle is left parked out in the open, the resulting damage can be quite heart breaking. However, there is good news, as the team here at AUS Smash Repairs can fix the damage quickly and effectively. Even better news, depending on the severity of the damage, this can be completed via paintless dent removal – saving you the added expense of spray painting.

Cut down on your repair costs

Paintless dent removal is our preferred removal method as it means we eliminate the need for expensive panel repairs. No chemicals, no sanding, no grinding and no painting. This means you don’t have to worry about colour matching errors and can retain your cars factory paintwork.

Please call us to discuss repairs to your hail damaged car. We’ll need to know the exact number of hail dents and their location on your vehicle. For better assessment, please send us photos of the hail damage on your car.

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